Club Constitution

1 Name
The Club shall be called “The Stonehaven After School Club”.
Stonehaven After School Club is a non-profit making club, which provides out of school care between the hours of 7.30-9.00 a.m. and 3.15-6.00 p.m. during term time. The club also operates during the hours of 7.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. during school holidays and in service days.
The club is registered with the Scottish Care Inspectorate. Staff are regularly monitored in accordance with the Regulation of Care. Prior to commencing employment staff will be checked with Disclosure Scotland and will be registered with the Scottish Social Service Council.
2 Aims
2.1 The aim of the Stonehaven After School is to provide a happy, safe environment, providing both pre and after school care where children can access learning experiences suited to their individual and group needs and parents have confidence in the support provided. This out of school service is available for members of the community and eligible families in the town of Stonehaven and surrounding area.
2.2 To provide care and to promote healthy and educational activities to eligible children during the period of out of school hours, school holidays, storm days and in-service days.
3 Objectives
3.1 The service will be provided through a child centred approach, respecting the individual needs of each user of the service.
3.2 Children and their parents or guardians will be encouraged to participate in the decision making with regard to the management, activities and programmes planned for the Club.
3.3 Staff will be suitably qualified and experienced in various aspects of childcare and play, with training being an ongoing feature of the service.
3.4 Equipment and toys provided will be regularly maintained and renewed, enabling children to access a variety of up-to-date play and learning opportunities.
3.5 The Club will fully utilise community resources within the locality and regularly access opportunities to visit other facilities during vacations, as part of the ongoing programme of education and learning experiences for children.
3.6 The Club will adhere to its Health and Safety policies that are in place.
4 Membership
4.1 Membership of the Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as the Board), shall be open to all parents of children attending the Club as well as employees holding the positions of “Office Bearers”.
4.2 All eligible families are required to complete a Club membership pack when they wish to join. Monthly invoices will be sent to parents at the beginning of every month and must be paid within four weeks of the date.
4.3 The Board, shall have discretion to admit, or to refuse to admit, any families as a Member in its absolute discretion.
4.4 Application for membership to the After School Club shall be made on a printed form available from the “Office Bearers”.
4.5 The Club is registered for a maximum of 60 children aged 5 – 12 yeard old for each session daily.
5 Board of Directors
5.1 The Management of the Company shall be in the hands of the Board, consisting of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Managers (the office bearers) and a minimum of two ordinary members Maximum of eight members, minimum of five members.
5.2 All members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall be eligible for re-election as long as they have children attending the club, or are employees as appropriate.
5.3 In addition to the office bearers as other elected members, the board may request to serve on the Board (in an advisory capacity) other interested individuals or representatives of statutory or voluntary organisation as they may determine, provided no so advisory members be eligible to vote.
5.4 A member shall be deemed to have resigned if they are absent from three consecutive meetings without acceptable source.
5.5 Shall be responsible for ensuring that the club operates within legal requirements of delivery of out of school care.
5.6 Shall ensure that the club is fulfilling the requirements of the Care Inspectorate registration.
5.7 Shall meet at least every two months.
5.8 Shall keep minutes to record the proceedings of all AGM’s, EGM’s.
5.9 Vice Chairman to run any board meetings in Chairman’s absence.
6.0 Four of the Board, or one third of its members whichever is greater shall constitute a quorum.
6 Finance
6.1 The whole Board has responsibility for the sound financial management of the Club.
6.2 The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of any monies received and spent and independent auditors appointed at the AGM shall audit these records.
6.3 All monies or properties received by the Board shall be used for the Club and shall not be used by any office bearer or board member except for expenditure properly incurred on its behalf or for pocket expenses.
7 Subscriptions
7.1 A registration fee of £15.00 is payable for all Club users.
Hourly Rate: £4.40 per child
Up to 5pm (Afternoon Session): £8.80 per child
Up to 6pm (Afternoon Session): £11.90 per child7.2 Mornings are charged at £4.40 from 8am – 9am and £6.60 from 7.30am – 9am.

7.3 Fees must be paid monthly in arrears. Childcare vouchers are accepted.
7.4 All cancellations will be charged the full session rate applicable unless 4 weeks notice is given in writing.
7.5 The club accepts online payments and vouchers. We do not accept cheques or cash.
7.7 If more than one month in arrears, your child/children’s place will be withdrawn.
7.8 Holidays & In Service Days
Weekly Full Day ½ Day (5 hours)
1st Child £125.00 £25.00 £19.00
2nd Child £95.00 £19.00 £17.00
3rd Child £95.00 £19.00 £17.00
7.9 Packed lunches must be provided and some trips arranged are charged as additional costs. It is not acceptable for food to be prepared in the Club.
8 Annual General Meeting
8.1 The AGM shall be held annually in September (or as soon thereafter as possible).
8.2 Not less than 21 days notice shall be given to all members of the time and place of the meeting and the business to be transacted.
8.3 The meeting will be advertised in the local press, with a minimum of 21 days notice. All interested parties shall be invited to attend.
8.4 A full set of audited accounts covering the period from 1st April to 31st May will be presented to the meeting for scrutiny and approval.
8.5 All members (parents) are invited to attend the AGM.
8.6 Constitution changes are only permitted at the AGM.
9 Extraordinary General Meeting
An EGM may be called by the Board, or by written request signed by four users of the service addressed to the Secretary and clearly stating the purpose of the meeting provided that the purpose stated is legitimate, the EGM shall be called and conducted according to the rules of the AGM.
10 Code of Conduct
As such a large number of children attend the After School Club, certain rules and regulations must apply to ensure the safety of all attending.
10.1 Children are encouraged to show a caring and sharing attitude to others.
10.2 Children are expected to be courteous to staff members and other children.
10.3 Children must refrain from fighting.
10.4 Children are not allowed to leave the Community Centre premises without the parent’s written permission.
10.5 Children are expected to take reasonable care of After School Club equipment. The parents concerned must pay for any wanton destruction.
10.6 At all times the A.S.C. promotes positive behaviour, which ensures the safety and well being of all the children within the Club.
11 Termination of Contract
By Parent – one month’s notice in writing or one month’s fees are required if a child is to be withdrawn.
By Club – The A.S.C. Board retains the right to withdraw the place for children:
11.1 Constant infringement of the rules.
11.2 Arrears accrual.
11.3 Where the Club feels we can no longer provide a service which gives appropriate benefits to the individual and other users.
11. 4 At all times, the parents will be advised by letter and given the opportunity to appeal.
11.5 The final decision is made by the majority vote of the Management Board.
12 Discipline Policy
12.1 Whilst children attend the After School Club, they are the responsibility of the staff members on duty, therefore any incidents will be promptly dealt with and recorded by the staff member on duty. If there is any cause for concern, you will be notified verbally in the first instance.
12.2 Consistent unacceptable behaviour could result in you being asked to remove your child from the Club and may result in the withdrawal of their place.
12.3 No physical punishment is used at any time in the After School Club. Staff use skills they have developed through training and experience to manage any behaviour problems that may arise.
13 Dissolution
The After School Club may be dissolved by a resolution accepted by two thirds of the users present and voting at the AGM or EGM. Any such resolution shall be give instruction for the disposal of the assets held by the After School Club provided that if any assets remain after satisfaction of any debts and other liabilities, such assets shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the After School Club but shall be given to any such other institution having objectives similar to some or all of the objectives of the After School Club.