Our Team

We are there for your child and you.

Our commitment to deliver the highest quality childcare requires the highest quality staff. We select our team with great care and a commitment to a programme of continuous training and development. This is the key to the successful delivery of our vision. For us, our commitment to staff mirrors our commitment to the child, and thus we provide a range of outstanding facilities, support and training for staff.


Looking for more information?

Please contact a member of our team on 07710 515640 or email us and we’ll gladly take the time to explain everything you need to know.  We look forward to meeting you!

The staff we recruit represent a wide range of skills and experience. In all key positions staff have recognised childcare qualifications and we maintain a qualified staff ratio in excess of the minimum requirement of the Care Inspectorate. We take our responsibilities to provide a safe and secure environment very seriously. Our interview and recruitment process is thorough and all staff are required to get a PVG certificate. SASC is committed to equality of opportunity.

Through a process of training and development; core skills are continuously improved and updated. All staff participate in an induction programme in which they receive comprehensive training underpinned by our values. An ongoing training programme promotes excellence in standards and staff that are passionate about the service they deliver. At SASC, children are at the core of everything we do and enhanced training delivers a child-centric focus to the services we offer.

Our staffing policy at SASC is designed to meet the requirements of the Care Inspectorate. This includes a contingency of additional staff, which caters for unplanned staff absences and ensures that we always provide the consistent quality care expected of us.

Our recruitment policies are designed to find and retain the best possible people to care for your children. We motivate our staff by providing an exceptional working environment, enhanced training opportunities and active support for career advancement. Many of our staff have been members of the club as children or have progressed from the voluntary sector. SASC aims to be a positive and professional workplace with the aim of keeping staff turnover to a minimum.